Autumn/Winter: Classic styles and darker colours are a crowd pleaser for the colder months. Maroon is the perfect winter colour for hats, and the maroon Fedora with a simple black band and bow are a sure fire hit. Wool hats achieve the edgy boho look that is very on trend at the moment. Boho style is seen all year around and is a trend that can easily be carried through winter, and into summer.

Spring/Summer: For women, warmer weather equals floppy hats. So why not get versatile and stock wool hats along with the predictable straw varieties? Heading to the spring races, ladies are often looking to stand out, and a unique fabric like felt wool will help them do just that. The dove grey sunhat with a sophisticated buckled trim offers a polished look that would be appropriate at a day watching the horse races. If a pop of colour is what you seek, then the gorgeous coral sunhat is the perfect accent to a great summer outfit.

Soft, cooler colours are predicted to be extremely popular in the 2015/2016 summer. Expect to see shades of white, beige and greys in high demand during spring and summer, as these neutral colours are a versatile staple in wardrobes and a guaranteed hit.

Unisex styles are a great option to stock in stores, as you can appeal to two audiences at once! Unisex styles include the ever-popular fedora, the Panama hat, the Bowler, and the baseball cap. Felt baseball caps give this sporty hat a very laid-back, cool vibe. The Panama features a medium brim and a very classic shape for men and women.

Accents for Wool Hats: Leather braids or bands are a popular choice for wide brimmed hats. For Panamas or Fedoras, the natural choice is a thicker band with a logo badge. Additional features that can be added include charms on the end of the braids, flowers or feathers. See our product pages for more inspiration on accessories you can add to your design. The colour swatch below also shows off the wide variety of colour options for felt wool hats.

Felt Wool oversized Floppy Hat with Felt Fabric Bow
Maroon wool floppy hat with medium sized brim. Braided with faux suede and accented with metal leaf charms
Metal Leaf Charms add a fun accent to Wool Hats
Maroon Fedora with black grosgrain ribbon band and metal badge
Black Wool Panama Hat with Faux Suede Weaved Band
Wool Dove Grey Sunhat with Tan Buckled Trim
Grey Wool Fitted Baseball Cap with Metal Buckle
Colourful Coral Floppy Hat With Braided Felt-Banded Crown
Wool Bowler Hats with Grosgrain Ribbon and 5 Metal Feature Studs