When thinking of wool felt hats, it is easy to envisage Humphrey Bogart, Charlie Chaplain, and 1920’s prohibition era gangsters who made the iconic Fedora and Bowler hats famous. Back then; the wool felt hat was a statement piece that defined the look of these prominent figures.

Lingering in the realms of fashion, wool felt hats are still a favoured fashion accessory worn by modern day celebs and image conscious individuals; and they are this winter’s fashion must have for a signature fashion look.

Taking many forms, shapes and sizes, the iconic wool felt hat is not restricted to the Fedora or Bowler hat; ladies wool felt hats embody femininity and elegance with fashion styles such as the boho hat. Worn by Le French femme Brigitte Bardot and Faye Dunaway in the 1970’s the charm of the boho hat is ever present, and today is still a hot fashion accessory for ladies who want to achieve boho chic.

Although wool felt material is refined and bears stylish appeal, a casual look is easily achieved with styles such as the flat brimmed Panama and Grandpa hat. Great for bbq’s, boating and anything outdoorsy, these styles allow the wearer to look effortlessly cool, while keeping the head and face protected. The versatility of the wool felt hat means they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

All wholesale wool hats are made from 100% Wool. Features such as crown bands and lining can be customised in a variety of ways to achieve a unique look. Branding although generally discreet for dress hats; can still be distinctive with cut-outs and custom patterned lining. Cut-out patterns can be added all over the hat, or in place of the crown band; slipping another colour behind adds some depth and appeal. Customised lining can be bright, colourful, branded with an all over logo, or subtle, depending on your vision and the look you want to achieve. Branding can also be incorporated into the design by adding a metal badge or stud.

Crown bands can take the form of two toned coloured bands, woven tape bands, leather bands that resemble a belt, suede plaid metal chain, and PU plaited bands; the possibilities are endless.

The Grandpa is an old friend when it comes to hats, a fashion staple in many wardrobes for men and women. Combining a feminine bow into the crown band contrasts the masculinity of the Grandpa hat for ladies.

Regardless of your style, casual cool Panama, or elegant short or long brimmed boho, wool felt hats make the outfit this winter. You do not have to be Humphrey Bogart or Brigitte Bardot to pull it off, wear it your way and own it!

Winter fashion must have Wool Boho made from 100% wool with platted PU crown band.
Ladies wool felt boho hats can come in a number of different colours to match your branding. PU platted crown bands are also available in a variety of colours.
Wool boho in black with PU platted crown band and discreet branding via a metal badge.
Ladies Boho with suede plaid metal chain and discreet metal badge branding.
Small metal badge and plaid metal chain on a 100% wool boho wholesale hat.
100% wool fedora hat with contrasting seasonal colours on the crown band.
Crown bands inline with the latest fashion trends complete your fedora winter range.
Panama wool hats with bright colours and print inline with current seasonal trends.
Grandpa?s old woollen hat with a fresh take on the crown band – a sweet bow.
Bowler wool hats for ballin! Made from 100% wool this men’s bowler hat will complete your winter range.
Crown band studs to add style to the men’s wool bowler hat.
Fedora wool hats with leather crown band made to resemble a belt.
Customised cut-outs! This wool fedora has a custom cut-out designed for style with a cute bow crown band.
Wool fedora hats with a customised cut-out and coloured crown band lining. Could also mix it up with a pattern lining or diamond cut-out.
Rectangle customised cut-out with red lining and discreet branding.
Branded satin/silk lining – easily add your branding without taking away from the wool hat style.