There is no doubt that knitted winter gloves can make those cold days become more pleasurable. The feeling of wearing a knitted glove during winter and warming your face is definitely more comforting than trying to do produce the same, comfortable feeling, with a leather glove.

Popular winter wholesale glove material options include:

  • 100% acrylic
  • wool and acrylic blend

Mitchell’s has been manufacturing some fantastic designs for knitted fingerless gloves, mittens and full-fingered gloves for many different brands, due for the winter wholesale launch.

There is even a fingerless-mitten combo which has been produced to allow the wearer to easily remove the mitten section and button it down to the back of the hand. This style ensures the mitten section is not lost and is easily pulled over the fingers when the tips have had enough of the cold elements. A great idea for those chilly commutes, combined with the mobile commuters need to use their mobile and desktop devices. Cyclists could also benefit from this design.

Fingerless, knitted Mitten Gloves. Perfect for the winter trips on public transport, keeping your hands toasty and being able to easily remove your fingers from the gloves when you need to.

Other creative additions to the knitted fingerless gloves, have been applying style statements such as a rubber print application to the back of each of the four fingers to imitate tattoos. Messages can be made quite amusing and could even be the 8 letters from your brand name.

Fingerless Wool Gloves with Rubber print branding. A creative way to brand your next winter team bonding event!

Whether you choose to use something like the rubber print to brand your gloves, or wish to try an alternative application, there are many options. Woven labels have definitely been the most popular way of branding a knitted glove due to its soft and minimalist nature.

Fashionable black knitted gloves with a reinforced cuff to lock out the cool air. Branded with an embroidered logo on a cotton tag, with a stitched on bow embellishment.
Close up of the branding – An embroidered logo on a cotton tag with a stitched on bow and scolloped finish to the glove cuff.

Because your hands arent all you will be wanting to keep warm this winter, customising the launch of your winter knitwear fashion range to include other fashion accessories like custom knitted gloves, beanies and scarves from Mitchells, will ensure your branded knitted accessories are produced to be consistent with the professional quality of the rest of your brand merch.

Custom Glove & Scarf Combo’s in all winter fabrics and designs – great for the sporting team event support.


This winter is all about street style meets city fashionista and what better way to make this hip merger, than with custom designed winter scarves.

When manufacturing your stylish winter scarf as part of a knitwear range designed for warmth; choosing wool and wool blends for both your scarf and your beanie is proving to be the most common choice in fabric selection.

If winter where you are is expected to be mild, then acrylic fabrics can allow for some very creative knits including:

  • Crochet and hand knitted
  • Jacquard ? logos – woven design ? stripes ? combo
  • Cable knit
  • Chunky knit
  • Marle
  • Basket weave

Producing almost any pattern design, a jacquard woven scarf can really help blend multiple colours into a fabric weave. From simple stripes to floral jacquard designs, the outcome is mostly limited only by your creativity.

Customised winter scarf in white chunky knit style with metal badge branding.
Close up of the customised winter scarf in white chunky knit style with metal badge branding.

Designing branded scarves often takes one of two roads. Either a minimalist approach for your logo, or taking the bold approach by producing a scarf with your brand woven into the fabric. This could mean your logo or brand name could reach from one end of the scarf to the other, which has been especially popular with sporting and football clubs.

Customised winter scarf with Jacquard knit branding.

Woven labels have always been the simplest and most cost effective way to achieve a branded scarf. But much like our beanies, sometimes there is a need for more bling.  Metal, Rubber and Leather badges are great alternatives for branding your merch and can be especially useful when looking to create a consistency between your beanie and scarf branding. Smaller woven logos can also be produced on the scarf to help ensure you brand both a comfortable and stylish garment.

Customised winter scarf knitted with tassles and Jacquard stripped design.
A customised winter scarf in a standard knit and stripped fabric design.
A double layered customised winter scarf in a standard knit and single coloured fabric design.