Spending countless hours scouring the Internet in search of information can be a huge waste of time. Mitchell’s Cap Co. have put together this wholesalers guide, so you can find all the information in one place. Choosing between the abundance of fabrics, styles and colours has never been easier, and you will be ready to order your stock in no time.


Before you decide what you want your beanie to look like, it’s wise to think what type of material you would prefer. You can choose for your beanies to be made out of one particular material or mix two materials for your desired texture.

Wool: is the best in terms of retaining heat, as the texture is quite thick and it’s a natural fibre. Wool is a great option for the winter season; however this material often requires special laundering and can feel scratchy. To avoid the scratchy feeling it’s best to mix wool with acrylic for the perfect combination of softness and warmth.

Acrylic: this material is easy to clean, holds dyes well and is a cheaper alternative to wool with a softer texture. Acrylic beanies are ideal for the transition between autumn and winter months, and in Australia’s less harsh winters.

Cotton: a great low maintenance material as it is machine washable and durable. Cotton beanies are suitable for those wanting a lighter, natural texture.

Fleece: suitable for colder sunny weather as it maintains warmth but is also breathable. The material is machine washable and a great option for lining beanies of other materials.


Once you have chosen the material, the next step is to decide on the style of beanie you want. If you’re having a designer’s block moment then you’ve come to the right place! Here are some examples of different beanie styles at Mitchell’s Cap Co.:

Cuffless beanies: these beanies have a defined length where they stop at the forehead. They are best worn during mild weather conditions because they don’t cover much of the face, which prevents the wearer from overheating.

Cuffed beanies: these are similar to cuffless beanies but they provide additional fabric folded at the crown, which can be pulled down. These beanies are better for colder months because the cuff provides extra warmth and can be pulled down to cover the ears. Also, sometimes referred to as skullcaps.

Slouchy Beanies: a laid back fashion-forward beanie that is commonly made with knitted wool or acrylic. This style is a great unisex beanie.

Woven Beanies: the first style on the scene so they are considered a classic style. They are usually cuffless and made out of 100% acrylic making them the ideal beanie for sporting events.

Knitted beanies: usually made out of wool and hand-woven with a chunky knitted look. These beanies are perfect for the coldest weather conditions because they provide great insulation and are stretchy enough to provide full coverage.

Earflaps: these beanies are perfect for those really cold days as they provide full coverage of the head and ears. They also suit windy days because the earflaps allow wearers to tie a knot under the chin. This style of beanie looks great on children and teenagers, especially accompanied with a pompom.

Peak Beanies: perfect for those sunny winter days as the peak provides shade for the eyes and forehead. They are suitable for both mild and cold weather conditions depending on the type of material used.


Mitchell’s Cap Co have a selection of logo applications to select from to make your design unique to your brand including: Embroidery | 3D embroidery | Screen-printing | Flocking | Foil printing | Glitter printing | Embossing | Cotton appliques.

Examples of Mitchell’s Cap Co. Manufactured Beanies

Acrylic/Wool blend beanie in maroon, featuring a pompom and embroidered badge on the cuffed crown
Acrylic beanie with custom jacquard design
Handmade chunky knit beanies with contrasting colours and pompom
Two tone fashion beanie with folded crown and matching pompom
Waffle knit beanie with polar fleece lining, earflaps and pompom
Peak beanie in a handmade crochet knit with two accessory buttons
Hand knitted beanie with rib knit folded crown band
Fashion beanie with tropical print jacquard weave

For more information about buying wholesale please fill out our online enquiry form or call us at (+61) 07 5593 5155. Mitchell’s Cap Co. takes minimum quantity orders of 300 pieces.