Mitchell’s Wholesale Summer Hats are coming to all good brands near you. If you purchase a hat for this summer the chances that it’s one of ours.

The secret to our Summer Hat manufacturing is all in the attention to detail, variations and combinations of materials.

Our Straw Fedora’s are very popular and can easily be styled to suit both male and female target markets with a change or addition to the bands. Coloured woven straw fedora’s are simply a work of art. Hand woven and machine shaped, these designs tend to be more specific to male or female summer target markets.

Visors are also very popular this summer and are being manufactured in various materials, inspired from different fashion eras. The straw visor pictured here reminds us of a the late 70s early 80s woman’s beach fashion. The nylon padded visor has a unique 3/4 head band with sweat band included. Visors are the perfect addition to any woman’s wardrobe for beach or a spot of tennis.

Summer street headwear is taking on a tropical feel with hawaiian and floral materials covering flat peak caps in both five and six panel designs.

Wide brim straw hats are always very popular for an Australian summer and with Mitchell’s flexibility in hat manufacturing, we’re able to combine colours, straw types and techniques to any male or female straw hat design.

The ladies wide brim straw hat pictured here resembles a dip dyed, colouring technique which we really love. This was cleverly achieved by phasing out the blue straw from the brim to the crown. Multi-coloured straw was used to pattern the mens wide brim straw hat with the design accentuated by a black nylon edge.

Summer Hats are always light in weight, promote shade and seem to be most popular when airflow can cool a wearers head under the hot sun. Mitchell’s straw hats are definitely the most popular summer hat… Every summer.