Wholesale straw hats is Mitchell’s specialty, our manufacturing process requires nine steps, spread through six manufacturing departments before a straw hat is manufactured and ready for distribution. Beginning with choosing the straw hat’s natural material such as Seagrass, Raffia Straw, Wheat Braid or Sinamay, this material is then woven by hand. Clients can also choose paper straw materials such as Cloth, Braid or String, whereby the hat weaving process is completed by machines. Mitchell’s are able to produce a number of custom designs or customize designs to suit the latest fashion.

Step 1. Weave Straw
The natural straw material is woven by hand and prepared for the Blocking Machine for shaping. Wholesale straw hats have had a relative unchanged manufacturing process, due to the straw weaving techniques not being able to be completed by machines.

The paper straw materials are made by machines and prepared for stage 2.

Natural Materials Woven by Hand

Step 3. Plastic Cord
A plastic cord is sewn into the brim edge. The cord holds the brim firmly to its shape.


Step 6. Crown Band (If applicable)
When purchasing from Mitchell’s, clients have the option to customize their design hats, this can include crown bands. If the client design includes crown bands the straw hats are now at that stage in production. The crown bands are normally stitched and glued securely on to the straw hat.

Crown Bands

Step 7. Excess Stitching and Quality Check
The straw hats are almost ready for distribution. Any excessive stitching is cut.

Excess Stitching

Step 8. Tags
At this stage the clients logos and branding materials are added such as hooktags, price tickets and swingtags and any other requested branding materials or accessories.

Branding Added

Step 9. Quality Check
Before the straws hats are packed for distribution we do a second quality check to ensure only the best are sent to our clients.

Quality Check

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