Though there has been much speculation in the fashion world as to whether normcore is on its way out, the anti-trend trend is still going strong in regards to one of its signature accessories: the dad hat. The resurfacing of this trend is all due to celebrities wearing and promoting the style via their social media channels.

We all know what happens when an affordable fashion accessory takes over the wardrobes of celebrity influencers – a trend begins. Dad hats show no sign of slowing down their presence in the coming seasons and there is a massive demand for the style from retailers trying to keep up with this hats vast audience.

The dad hat is a fashion phenomenon that may be hard to understand. Why on earth do young women and men want to be associated with something their dad wears? It all started from the hat being so uncool, that it became ironic to wear. Think President Obama in his crisp, ironed jeans and casual polo shirt teeing up on a Hawaiian golf course. That fitted hat he wears to shield his eyes from the harsh sun is the exact hat we’re talking about.

And so, the item that has typically been associated with golfing and family holidays is now a must-have accessory for fashion influencers and followers everywhere.

Brands have quickly cottoned on and have started making the ironically uncool hat a high fashion piece by placing their logos and slogans up front and centre on the designs of these caps. Whether it be a blatant shout out to your brand, or a quirky pop-culture reference, anything goes in the realm of the dad hat!  It seems as though whether you’re shopping high street, or wandering around your local shopping centre, every brand has their own variation of this iconic style.

Still confused as to what makes a hat dad-worthy? Dad hats are typically distinguished by a simple cotton or canvas material while sporting an overly curved brim and are naturally worn forward. This statement piece looks slick paired with anything from a casual ensemble to a dressed-up, night out look making dad hats the ultimate fashion essential for wholesale purchase.

The dad hat has really come a long way and it shows us that fashion is recurrent and never truly goes out of date. It’s easy to understand why these hats are making a statement, they are extremely versatile and give brands the opportunity to place their logos somewhere loud and clear. The caps are either; fitted, strap back, snapback, leather strap or even velcro.
The dad hat is currently in high demand from retailers and consumers alike. With celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Kim Kardashian and even little North West all donning the accessory, it seems as if everyone is following suit.

Not to forget, the dad hat allows brands to sell to a wide demographic. These hats appeal to both genders and a broad age group making them a wholesale must have. From actual dads, to trendsetters, to un-fashion folk, the dad hat seems like everyone’s go-to! With no sight of them going out of fashion any time soon, these hats are a trend that is here to stay. Consumers are jumping on the dad wagon!

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Nylon Unconstructed Cap with Flat Peak
Washed Denim Unconstructed Cap with Stitching Detail
Cotton Twill Unconstructed Cap with Strap Back
Cotton Twill Unconstructed Cap with Strap Back
Nylon Taslon Unconstructed Snapback
Chambray Unconstructed Snapback
Microfibre Unconstructed Snapback
Sportsmesh Unconstructed Snapback with Embroidered Logo