Sun, Festivals, Beach and Fashion. What do these four things have in common: Straw Hats! A staple for any Aussie through the warm months, just take a look around. Dad’s donning their wide brimmed sun hats while watching their kids at nippers, Mum’s rocking the Fedora to a Saturday lunch with friends.

If you look across the beach you are sure to see women wearing large boho sunhats in all kinds of bright summer colours. We also know that Panama’s are the latest fashion statement at summer festivals. Straw hats are not only a great summer statement for all ages; they are also a great sun protectant. Sun hats and cowboy hats will help keep the sun at bay and are often crucial for those long summer days and are lightweight and comfy. So make sure you are equipped with this summer essential before its too late!

Customising Straw Hats

Adding Fabric or weaving to the hat’s crown band can transform a natural straw hat while keeping that authentic feel. Take a cream or white coloured straw hat and add chains, lace, shells or buttons to create really distinctive styles and get the look you are after.

Though you shouldn’t feel limited to the natural straw look. Dyed paper straw can allow you achieve any colour you desire and offer a lot more versatility than natural straw. A darker colour will take a straw hat from day to night, while some bright punchy colours are a must for warm summer days.

The addition of your company logo is also a chance to be fashionable, and make sure no one forgets your name. An effortless gold metal badge makes for very stylish branding and will draw eyes in the sun. Or perhaps a neat rubber badge or embroidered logo would help achieve a more timeless look.

You can customise straw hats based on the size of weave too! A hat with larger weaves is typically most popular for a laid back daytime style. Tightly woven straw adds more sophistication to the look and is popular for panamas, sun hats and fedora’s.

Ladies Boho Wide Brim Paper Weave Sun Hat with Plain Band
Ladies Short Brim Sun Hat with Ribbon Band
Ladies Short Brim Sun Hat with Ribbon Band
Ladies Boho Wide Brim Paper Weave Sun Hat
Dyed Raffia Straw Fedora with Printed Crown Band
Paper Straw Panama with Felt Braided Crown Band
Natural Straw Fedora with Candy Stripe Detail on Crown and Trim
Natural Seagrass Straw Cowboy with paper straw weave detail
Dark Coloured Paper Straw Cowboy with bead detail
Natural Straw Fedora with Printed Band and Matching Ribbon Trim
Natural Straw Cowboy with shell detail
Men?s wide brim Straw Sun Hat with cotton trim
Dyed Straw Men?s wide brim Sun Hat with cotton trim and woven patch

Summer is nearly upon us and Mitchell’s Cap Co. are here to help you get your business prepared! Give us a call today to discuss how we can help you create unique straw hats wholesale that will become all the summer rage.