How to sport this look without hitting the treadmill

Stylishly sweat it out with these sports luxe hats you can gear up to look like you work out on a regular basis. 2017’s closet staple is turning the baseball captrucker or visor on its head with a luxe update that’s hitting the catwalk and the streets. This accessory will be the key to playing it cool in a concrete jungle flocking with nonchalant fashionistas.

Forget activewear; there’s no need to throw on your favourite fluorescent leggings to achieve athleisure in all its glory this season. And sports caps aren’t just for those balmy months. Ambassadors of this stylishly sporty headwear trend are pairing their hats with on-trend Winter separates to make their statement. Long has the branded baseball cap been considered as a function over fashion item; but right now they’re having a street style moment that’s all about those textures.

There are some rules you should follow when customising the perfect wholesale après sports topper for a day in the office; or even those colder nights out. Let’s get physical and explore the reasons why there’s a place for our classic sports cap in the fashion world of today.

Boost Your Brand With A Luxe Status Symbol

Appropriating everyday hat fashions certainly isn’t over yet; and there’s a serious element of longevity to this athletic trend, which comes down to those culturally ubiquitous logos. These brand boosting hats have become quite the status symbol in recent times, with celebrities and fashion influencers keeping a low profile with their high profile embellished caps.

You should embrace this classic headwear trend with an unmistakeable logo design. It’s merchandise that’s designed for both retailers and consumers, and wholesale buyers are taking advantage of this win-win trend. Choose from custom embroideryappliqué patches and metal badging; and use the front seam of your sporty must-have to speak volumes for your brand.

Keep Your Head In The Game!

Your interpretation of this leisure-worthy accessory is crucial to the success and overall effect of this once unlikely trend. So sport a range of styles to keep your outfit game strong. You can amp up any outfit with a customised design that’s not only on par with current trends, but also reflects your personal sense of style. From futuristic fun to street-worthy steeze; there are no limits when it comes to your take on this trend.

So long tacky tennis topper; hello to its more sophisticated update. You can mix casual comfort with minimalist style by choosing a simple visor to pair with any ensemble, so long as it’s über chic. Play around with tie up closures as an alternative to the classic velcro strap. Or if you prefer a cap, add some lace up details at the front seam for a unique approach to athleisure.

Why Athleisure Is A Trend To Try

You don’t need to be a sports fanatic to keep your head in the fashion game. There’s simply no right or wrong way to go about this gym-meets-runway headgear when it comes to the details celebrating the individual in all their athleisure glory. Live luxe with textures and fabrics to make your stylishly sporty statement. These unisex hats have no limits to their customisation, making them highly accessible to buy and sell. It’s the perfect fusion of fashion and fitness.

So express your individuality and inner supermodel with luxurious materials such as leathervelvet and denim. Or channel casual cool before hitting the gym or the streets with a simple cottonmesh or microfibre hat.

Be Bold, Be Brave

Although the sports luxe trend has been typically been defined by monochromatic colour palettes, it’s recently become acceptable to elevate your look with artful conceptions and bold colour schemes. So embrace this must-have piece and get physical with creative prints to highlight your personal style.

Think geometric designs and animal prints to get your game on this season. Screen printing and sublimation prints will add some serious interest and personality to a clean, sophisticated yet casual outfit.


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