The smell of spring is in the air; straw hats demanded for spring accessory lines goes from strength to strength. Straw hats are timeless but can be modernised with paper straw machine weaves or left as classic styles made by hand. Straw hats are guaranteed to be an essential accessory this spring.

We’re seeing the Panama and Fedora as the most popular straw hats this season with an addition of dyed straw in long brim and cowboy. And lets not forget to mention the straw visor is making a very trendy reinstatement. Whilst the long brim is the best form of sun protection out of all straw hats the fedora and panama are worn out of passion and love for the style.

If you want a panama that looks authentically like grandpas old hat for your spring line, distressed straw is the way to go, giving the hat a frayed texture. Add a simple black crown band and you have achieved that grandpa look.

For something different consider the Gros Grain Ribbon weave for your customised fedora straw hats. A ribbon is incorporated into the weave that can match the crown band or be a colourful addition to the custom design. Another customised option is multiple straw waves in the same colour with a lace crown to create a simplistic elegance.

Branding your straw hats:

With the addition of branding printed on the lining or the underside of the hat’s brim you can perfect brand recognition and sun protection. A three-piece metal badge is a clever addition to branding that makes a great statement with the ingenuity of your branding in three metal sections that matches the light weight fabric of straw hats. And as with all Mitchell’s hats you can add woven labels or fabric applique with 3d embroidery.

Cream or white straw may not fit within your brand lines so the option of dyeing the straw with a chocolate brown colour can achieve a more modern style. Use a hand weaved paper cloth straw for a casual feel or tight machine weave to add a little more sophistication.

To take your branding that one step further you can custom print crown bands. Leave your hats with just a band or match the binding with your design. Crown bands can be styled with a luxurious look of gold chain and platted leather crown bands on intricate weaved straw hats made from a variety of colours to match the colours of your spring line.

Straw hats for kids:

We can’t leave the little tuckers out this spring and besides straw hats for kids are just so adorable and here at Mitchell’s we’ve taken them one step further with teddy bear pattern weaves. You can order the children straw hats in just about any of the styles from fedora to grandpas hat then customised to suit your line with childlike weaves or teddy bear patterns.

Straw hats for all…
Spring’s accessory must have and worn with passion – the timeless panama straw hat with black crown band.
Distressed straw gives the panama hat some wear and tear like grandpa’s hat.
Printed fabric crown band on straw fedora.
Simply elegant fedora with multiple weave pattern and lace crown band.
Black dyed straw with multiple pattern weave fedora hat.
Gros grain ribbon weave with colourful stitched crown band to match your branding or next springs colours.
Three-piece metal badge for clever branding on hand woven straw paper cloth.
Lace crown band adds some rustic charm to the woven fedora.
Chocolate brown dyed straw cowboy hat with embroidered logo applique.
Straw visor with bronze studs are making a trendy reinstatement this spring.
Ladies wide brim hand stitched straw hats with leather beaded ends crown band.
Mens wide brim straw hats with 3d embroidered logo and branded lining for extra sun protection.
Dyed straw mens wide brim straw hats with fabric applique.
Straw hats can be lined with branding that adds extra sun protection.
Kids straw fedora hats with pattern weave – just perfect.
Kids straw fedora teddy bear pattern weave with pink and white paper clothe straw – too cute!
Children?s straw hats with teddy bear pattern weave with brown and white paper clothe straw.
Tight weave pattern to produce some very cute results – try with your branding!
Kids grandpa hats are just that gorgeous, matching straw weave with black trim crown band.