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Straw Hats Wholesale - Straw Hat Supplier and Manufacturer

Custom Straw Hats 

Mitchell's are well known for their custom straw hats, supplying straw hats wholesale to industry leading brands. If you've ever bought a straw hat it is highly likely that it is one of ours.

Straw Hats are amongst today’s highly popular accessories and are worn by people of all ages.

Due to the huge demand from our straw hat market for an individual and accessorised look we have developed a wide range of fashion styles to help you make that statement!

At Mitchells Cap Company, we manufacture and supply a wide range of men’s and women’s straw hats such as:

Wide Brim Surf

Ladies Wide Brim Sun





Panama Straw



Our straw hats are available in various sizes and a wide range of different straw materials can be used. Over the years we have become a leading straw hat supplier and manufacturer and have gained the experience and capability to use the following material in our custom straw hats:

Natural Straw

Paper Straw


Raffia Straw



In fashion terms, straw is in! Set the summer trend and talk with us about creating your own straw hat collection. As straw is a natural material, it is lightweight and gives the head more room to breathe. We are able to offer help and ideas for different collections and can consult with you on weave, colour and material options to help you create that individual look.

As we have years of experience in straw hat manufacture and supplier industry, we have connections to trusted suppliers and can obtain many types of straw, paper and raffia straw hats.

Straw fedora hats have become a popular accessory and are perfect for fashionable summer collections. Choose from our range of colours, styles, shapes and sizes and achieve a customised line for your business. These lightweight items are manufactured from the highest quality straw and are built to last.