Beanies and scarves have a way of making people feel warm and safe, even on the harshest of winter days. Beanies evoke these snug, cosy feelings in virtually all situations and bring on a newfound confidence for people. Winter beanies and scarves can unite teams with their supporters at gruelling sports matches. They can induce a quick conversation with a stranger on the bus. These fashion accessories have become a powerful mechanism for people to connect with others and to express themselves.

Brands have long been used as a fashion statement, portraying to others a glimpse of your personality and what’s important to you. Surf and snow brands are known for their winter wear. Their branding is instantly recognisable on the snow slopes, naturally associating these brands as iconic winter favourites. Expect to see fleece lining and earflaps on winter beanies in the snow – maximising warmth is the number one priority. Imagine snow goers hanging up their branded beanies after a long cold day on the slopes discussing their adventures enthusiastically.

In Australia particularly, sporting activities never stop – be it summer or winter. Wouldn’t it be great to have a customised beanie suited to your club? Sports beanies are perfect for beach sports where members feel that early morning winter breeze. Not only do sports club beanies build brand awareness for the club, they show that the club is a unified group, and they create passionate club support. And why stop at beanies when you can add matching scarves to keep members and supporters warm. Team brands are most effective when they have a personality, and customised beanies are a great way to show the public what your club represents.

Team branding offers a channel for people to express themselves. The city of Melbourne is a perfect example of where beanies are worn year round and sport fanatics revel in their team colours. You can see fans repping customised scarves and beanies on their way to support their favourite footy team while luxury wool beanies and scarves are worn out to wine and dine.

No longer are beanies and scarves stuffed in the back of one’s wardrobe during the warmer months. With the variety of materials and selection of styles now available to customers, customised beanies and scarves can easily be transitioned from winter to spring. Mitchell’s Cap Co. are here to help businesses that are preparing for next season’s stock.Since the entire process involves designing, ordering, manufacturing and shipping, now is the time to start thinking about your winter inventory.

For more information about buying wholesale please fill out our online enquiry form or call us at (+61) 07 5593 5155. Mitchell’s Cap Co. takes minimum quantity orders of 300 pieces.