Brand recognition never looked so good.

There’s no reason why your promotional headwear needs to look like it came straight off the merch table. While it’s important to stand out from the crowd, you don’t want your merchandise standing out like a sore thumb. In fact, subtlety will be your one-way ticket into the hearts of those powerful social media influencers. It’s a tried and tested mechanism for easy marketing, and Instagram’s tagging feature has made it even easier for brands to sell their products to the masses. It’s about designing a wide-ranging inventory that actually appeals to the fashion nuances of your target market. Because, let’s face it, no one wants to get around in a hat that screams “promo prop”. But as well as satisfying the needs of your consumers, your merchandise should also exhibit some defining brand attributes.

Here’s a Mitchells Cap Co. guide to ensuring your hats and caps are the perfect concoction of fashion-forward and marketing gold:

The 5 Panel Cap

Although the 5-panel cap isn’t the newest kid on the block, it continues to grace its presence among today’s nonchalantly-cool surf/skate menswear brands. This style of hat is made for stand-out logo designs, but its quirky aesthetic doesn’t come across as tacky, or even remotely sales-y. 5 panels first emerged as a supreme streetwear statement, but a retro-fit update is keeping this design well and truly alive. Multi-coloured or contrast fabric (like chambray denim, suede and cotton) panels are firing up some serious 80s nostalgia. And unique design features like chainstitch embroidery, yardage or sublimation prints, leather or paper badges, and even old-school rope are having a throwback field day.

The Cheesecutter/Flat Cap

With 2018’s convergence of fashion and pop culture, brands are really feeling the pressure to lift their merch game in 2019. That’s where the cheesecutter/flat cap comes in. From humble chimney-sweeping beginnings and countryside aristocracy, to the period gang dramas on today’s silver screen. You could say the flat cap has undergone a bit of a bourgeois makeover in recent times. Now that the in-vogue heads of today’s celebrities and hipsters are channelling this once working-class look, many businesses are jumping on the flat cap train for an out-of-the-box take on their promotional apparel. Tweed, corduroy, felt and denim are the forerunners of this luxe update, with the option for a small, minimal embroidered logo at the back.

The Bucket Hat

For that widespread online buzz, why not curate the ultimate bucket hat campaign? There are many reasons to love this hat style, one of which is its diverse history. Well before hitting the runways in 2018 (even past its 80s heyday) the bucket was donned by the shift-dress wearing, high-society 60s belles of the world. In the 90s, it saturated the streetwear market. And in the 2000s, it became something of a rap music video status symbol. Today, its reversible, practical design makes it as much a sun-safe topper for the schoolyard, as it is a model-worthy SS19 must-have. With endless print and logo customisation options, you’d be hard pressed to find a promotional ploy as simple as a range of bucket hats.

The Trucker Cap

Nothing says “‘Merrica” quite like a good ol’ plain and simple trucker hat. When it comes to hat merch, it’s perhaps one of the more presumptuous styles. But there’s no doubt the ever-so-dependable cap has been taking over our Instagram feeds over the last few years. Brands seem to be adopting this blue-collar trend with an air of irony… And it’s working (now ain’t that the darndest thang)! Customise your trucker with everything from detailed digital prints to contrast peaks. The branding value of these babies is as unmistakable as their iconic mesh back. So it stands to reason that truckers are yet another ideal choice for wholesale purchases.

Step up your merch game in 2019

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