We all need some sun exposure – it’s the top source of vitamin D, which helps our bodies absorb calcium for stronger, healthier bones. Most kids get much of their lifetime sun exposure before the age of 18, so it’s incredibly important for us to teach them how to enjoy fun in the sun safely.

Gone are the days of kids being able to run around hat free in a childcare or schooling environment. We’re all familiar with the term “No Hat, No Play”, schools, kindies and childcare centres are all extremely serious about keeping up with the legislation around sun safety in their institutions. With adequate UV protection being essential in Australia, it’s a no brainer to ensure that kids are getting around with the appropriate school hat.

It’s a great idea for all wholesalers to consider their back to school options in the coming months. The lead up to the new year is a prime time for schools, childcare centres and parents and children to begin prepping for the new school year. This means every single child attending a childminding or educational facility in Australia will be in need of a sunsmart hat.

Choosing an appropriate style of sunsafe hat can be difficult for wholesalers, that’s why Mitchell’s Cap Co are offering up their expert advice for anyone looking to enter the back to school marketplace.


There are many options of sunsmart hats for children to wear in a schooling environment. It’s important to consider protection for the face, nose, neck and ears which are all common sites for sunburn. Watching out for these areas are made easy through adopting styles like the legionnaire, bucket and wide-brim hats. Baseball caps are also good for school sports as they are fitted and stay on well throughout psychical activity.

When choosing a style of hat specific to young children, it’s always good to consider the size and comfort factors of the hat, the amount of shade it provides and if it will obstruct vision or hearing. When it comes to babies and toddlers, a lot of them don’t like to wear hats so Mitchell’s Cap Co suggests a design such as a soft legionnaire hat that is fitted and crumples easily when they move their heads around.

Hats that can be adjusted at the crown or that can be tied at the front to help secure it on a child’s head are always strong choices for a school range. It’s important to consider that kids are constantly running around and enjoying their playtime, so having a hat that stays on their head is a must!


As a rule, light coloured, lightweight and loosely woven fabrics don’t offer much protection against the sun’s UV rays. The tightness of the weave, the weight, type of fibre and colour all affect the amount of protection fabrics provide. It’s a safe bet to choose a closely woven fabric such as a polyester blend. A good indication of weather a hat is made from sunsafe fabric is to hold it to the sun, if you can see through it, UV radiation will get through.

Keep in mind, a hat should also provide appropriate ventilation and be comfortable to wear, especially if it is to be used during physical activity or in warmer weather.


Mitchell’s Cap Co have a selection of logo application to select from to make your design unique to your brand, school or childcare centre which include: Embroidery | 3D Embroidery | Screen Printing | Flocking | Foil Printing | Glitter Printing | Embossing | Cotton Appliques.  

Samples of Mitchell’s Cap Co School Hats:

Reversible Bucket Hat with Embroidered/Printed Logo
Reversible Bucket Hat with Embroidered/Printed Logo
Bucket Hat with Embroidered Logo, Sports-mesh Panelling and Adjustable Toggle
Lightweight Baseball Cap with Velcro Strap, Sports-mesh Paneling and Embroidered Logo
Micro-fibre Baseball Cap with Velcro Strap and Embroidered Logo
Polyester Baseball Cap with Velcro Strap and Embroidered Logo
Polyester Baseball Cap with Velcro Strap and Embroidered Logo
Reversible Bucket Hat with Embroidered/Printed Logo