5 practical trends to try ahead of the chilly season

When the weather starts to cool, the trends follow suit. Layering can take your outfit to a whole new level of cool, which is why those who revel in sartorial splendour seem to live for those colder months. And when the frosty windy blows (and when you’ve seen better hair days) the perfect hat will be your style-saving grace, not to mention keep you warm as toast.

Aside from the humble topper’s primary purpose, hats offers a strong sense of creative identity to stand out from the crowd, and the right accessory can take any good outfit from fine to fabulous!

If you’re a wholesale buyer, you’ll want to be prepared for what’s next. So, express yourself to your heart’s content and keep yourself looking cool this season with our top 5 trends for your upcoming orders.

1. The Cowboy

Image via Fashion Editorials

Yeeehaw! Headwear aficionados and trendsetters in the southern hemisphere are waiting patiently for cooler months and even cooler hat styles, like this year’s looming felt cowboy hat craze! It’s the perfect story of the west meets the city, and our urban fashion influencers are making the boldest of statements in 2018.

Forget straw; these high-crowned, wide-brimmed statement pieces are best kept felt (and in darker shades) in the high-fashion realm. But that’s not to say you can’t play around with baby pink and dark red hues to add interest to an otherwise modest canvas. if you get it right, their iconic construction and design can be paired with almost every outfit in your wardrobe.

2. The Corduroy Cap


Image via Daily Paper

Your standard cap just got an autumn/winter upgrade with modern sensibilities of the 80s, like luxurious cord textures and warmer colourways for the baseball cap5-panel, or snapback. It’s all about applying current street trends to classic styles, and the result is an an unexpected approach towards high-fashion in 2018.

There are endless ways to covet this look, but choosing wintery shades of maroon, navy, chocolate, or forest green will allow for a first-class feel. Be sure to adorn your orders with minimalist logo designs, applications or embroidery.

3. Le Beret


Image via Rouje by Jeanne Damas

Oui oui! And this soft, round, flat-crowned hat is as culturally significant among the French as the humble sandwich loaf. As the climate cultivates the ultimate conditions for beret-wearing, styles of Parisian pride will reign supreme among the fashion-elite. The beret is an artful, sophisticated way to evoke a certain sensuality… When only combined with an air of poise.

Whether worn to the side, jutted forward, or pushed back, the beret should fit snugly around the head. When it comes to personalising your take on this wellborn staple, the only rule is to wear it flat; because mushroom-head styling isn’t so flattering. Just think… What would Coco Chanel do?

4. The Beanie


Image via GQ Magazine

Be it a winter warmer for when you’re out on the slopes or a stylish way to fit in with the cool après-ski crowd, the beanie has quite literally got you covered (head, ears and all). Beanies are the seasonal go-to (rarely going out of style), which is why time after time, they’re crowned the perfect autumn/winter hat for wholesale purchase.

Be playful with pom-poms and statement lettering or slogans, and take your personal style even further with endless selections of knit styles like jacquard, crochet, basket weave and waffle knit, as well as prints, embossing, colours and fits.

5. The Newsboy


Image via Man Repeller

Word on the street is that newsboys, sailor and cadet caps are here to stay for another year of vintage obsessions. Textures of fleece and felt make for the perfect winter crown, so let this cap be your uniform for a warm and cozy season of quirkiness, and more importantly, confidence! Tie your a la mode 60s look together with details like plaited bands and contrast peaks. How very vogue of you.

Are you ready for AW18?

Now’s the time to start thinking about the hat trends forecast for 2018’s autumn/winter season. Mitchell’s Cap Co. likes to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to the latest trends to ensure your business is well prepared for the cold snap. You can place your wholesale orders today by calling (+61) 07 5593 5155 or by filling out an online enquiry form.

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