Music and fashion go together like Kanye and Kanye. So it’s only natural that fashion hats have become a staple at music festivals around the world! From Coachella to Splendour; if your headwear doesn’t coordinate with your outfit, did you even go? What’s more, our Australian sun certainly doesn’t rest over the winter months – so it’s a great excuse to be sun smart.

The most popular trend amongst young females on the festival scene, has to be the boho look. This has led to a huge demand of wool boho hats from stores over the last few years. From bucket hats to large floppy sun hats, as long as it has a brim, you’re good to go. For this style, colour is key. Neutral tones are always a safe option, although coloured hats are a great way to spot a friend at a crowded festival. With this style, the more accessories the better. Feathers, leather bands, brass buckles; these examples are what makes these hats unique and iconic for a festival look.

Image: @Nellycom

It’s no denying that men are becoming more fashion conscious. And with the realisation that a hat provides portable shade for their heads, males are cottoning-on that hats are a great addition to their festival attire. Fedora hats a la Bruno Mars are a popular go-to, as well as its older brother; the Panama hat. These styles aren’t limited to men either; ladies who are looking for a more edgy, hipster look are also getting on board the trend for festival season.

Image: Popcrush.com

Let’s talk fabrics. You really can’t go wrong with either straw or wool/acrylic when ordering wholesale festival hats. Keeping in line with the natural textures, neutral colours have also seen a rise in popularity. Beige, tan, browns & creams make it much easier for people to seamlessly pull their outfit together. If you are looking for wholesale bags for festival season, crochet shoulder bags, or leather backpacks are sure to complement the festival look.

We can’t talk about festivals, and forget about country music! Of course, you’d be hard pressed not to spot a cowboy hat in the crowds. Cowboy hats can be seen in suede, straw or leather to complement those country tunes. As temperatures soar in Australian country towns, so does the demand for these lightweight, iconic Western hats.


We’ve talked previously about the amazing benefits of promotional merchandise, and festival-goers are a great audience to have on your side. Not only are you exposing your brand to a huge array of music lovers, people will also share their latest festival fashion finds through social media to the masses! With the ever-growing reach of Snapchat and Instagram comes inadvertent free branding. This means that ordering amazing wholesale hats and accessories is more important than ever for businesses.

Mitchell’s Cap Co. can help get hats and accessories festival-ready for your business. If you are interested in purchasing some custom wholesale hats for your business, please contact us at (+61) 07 5593 5155 or fill out our online enquiry form.

Wide Brim Straw Hat with Contrasting Trim
Paper Straw Floppy Hat with Gold Chain Crown
Wool Panama Hat with Leather Crown Band and Chin Strap
(Brown) Felt Wool Sun hat with Felt Fabric Bow
Black Wool Panama Hat with Flexible Brim
Coral Felt Sun Hat with Braided Crown Detail
Straw Cowboy Hat with Leather Embossed Badge
Straw Fedora with Grosgrain Ribbon Crown Band
Paper Straw Boater Hat with Contrasting Grosgrain Ribbon
Reversible Screenprinted Bucket Hat
Bucket Hat with Contrasting Brim
Black Captains Hat with Braid Detail
Maroon Captains Hat with Leather & Braid Crown Detail and Contrasting Suede Peak.
Checkered Cheesecutter in Cotton Fabric
Crochet Shoulder Bag with Tassels and Bead Detail