Custom Embroidered Hats and Caps – Manufacturing Process

3D Embroidery aka Puff Embroidery

Mitchell’s custom embroidered hats are made with a straightforward step-by-step process. Sewing 3D (puff) embroidery onto your cap or hat line is a sweet way to brand your cap. Keep your brand in trend by combining the different types of embroidery. Embroidery types can simply be used on their own or mixed up to achieve another look. Custom embroidered caps include: 3D foam (puff), flat, keyline in flat, appliqu 3D, appliqu 3D keyline, flock print with 3D keyline, gradient, print with chainstitch keyline, running chainstitch, rainbow, repeat flock print with 3D keyline, rope, and towelling:

Step-by-step instructions:

Step One

The hat is hooped just like regular embroidery. Making sure we use the correct backing for the cap type. You can sew puff (3d) embroidery on nearly any cap. At Mitchell’s we like to test a sample fabrics to evolve our designs and offer clients new styles.

Step Two

The hooped cap is then loaded into the embroidery machine where the first colour is sewn. We are sewing a two-colour puff letter. The first colour that runs will be the outline colour. If you are sewing a single colour 3d (puff) design this step is skipped.

Step Three

The machine is stopped after the first colour and then we cut a piece of embroidery foam large enough to cover your design. The foam colour to use should closely match the colour of the thread.

Some wholesale embroidery companies use only two basic colours: white foam on all light colours and black foam on all dark colours. Mitchell’s like to match the stitching for a better finish, blue foam with blue stitching.

Tape is used to secure the foam over the embroidery area. Once the machine starts, the stitching will hold the foam in place.

When sewing embroidery on foam, the speed of the embroidery machine is reduced to approximately 400 stitches-per-minute. At this speed you shouldn’t have any more thread breaks than you would expect without foam.

Step Four

When the embroidery is complete, the hat is removed from the embroidery machine along with all the excess foam from the hat. This comes off easily as the embroidery will perforate the foam.

The last thing to do is to remove any small remaining pieces of foam. Loose pieces of foam can be brushed away using a soft brush, cloth or tweezers. There may still be small pieces of foam poking through. A sharp object is then used like a pin, to poke those pieces back up into the stitches. Another way to remove small pieces of foam is to use a heat source, similar to a hair dryer, to heat the embroidery. The heat will shrink the small fragments of foam making them disappear under the embroidery.

Pretty straightforward…

3D embroidery keyline in flat embroidery
applique 3D embroidered keyline
3D foam embroidery
repeat flock print 3D keyline embroidery
applique with 3D embroidery
flock print with 3D keyline embroidery
applique with 3D keyline embroidery
gradient embroidery
print with chainstitched embroidered
rainbow embroidery
rope embroidery
towelling embroidery
running chainstitch embroidery