Typically, custom design hats that are trending in the UK summer season flow to our shores in time for our summer and are soon in high demand. Snapback flat peak 5 panel hats are massive right now in the Queens country. They’re also sticking around for autumn season ranges – reflecting the seasons colours.

UK’s hype is around all prints & colours – bright, dull, dark and pastels – it’s all in vogue. Animal, Aztec, Floral, Denim and Geometric prints are lining the shop shelves. Denim’s are coming in all treatments and colours – washed, enzyme washed – all styles. Fashion editorials are pumping out articles on the 5 panel caps.

5 Panel Caps Trends

Mitchell’s have the cap template so if your looking for a 5 panel range we can custom design hats for your Spring / Summer 2013 collection. Here are some great examples of design and fabric choices for the trending 5 panel snapback flat peak cap design styles.

Just a few of Mitchell’s Custom 5 Panel Hat choices:

Custom 5 Panel Hats by Mitchells Cap Co.