Summer is here and with that comes festivals, concerts, fun runs, sporting events and much more. These events are a great way to reach your target market and build brand loyalty through the use of promotional merchandise. Australian businesses spend more than 1.34 billion dollars a year on promotional products because they offer a unique opportunity to get your company’s name out to it’s target market and keep it there.

People love ‘freebies’ and when they are useful, clearly branded, and well-targeted, it can boost exposure of your brand. More than half of customers hold onto a promotional product for over a year according to a report from the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI). The report found that 85% of consumers do business with the advertiser after receiving a promotional product. This is because your branding cuts through traditional marketing challenges and gets right in front of your audience. This is great news for all businesses great and small.

Promoting your business at events is a great way to support local communities and gain brand awareness at the same time. Businesses can sponsor an event, which often entitles the logo to be branded on event signage and advertisements. Businesses can also use their event promo gear in giveaways or raffles at the event. Or why not host your own event and give away promo gear as prizes?

Promotional merchandise helps a business reach a wider market. It’s not the recipient who see the company message, but also their friends, family and coworkers. They provide a tactile experience where the target market identifies with the brand which often makes them feel special and valued.

Clever and cheeky promotional merchandise can also create a buzz and attract attention, which will leave a lasting impression in consumers minds and give them something to talk about. Take Levi’s mobile Tailor Shop for instance that’s popping up at festivals across Australia. The mobile shop offers event merchandise to buy but also offers free vintage patches to customise festival goers newly purchased denim jackets and jeans.


It’s all about exposing the brand to the right market on the right merchandise. Pens and paper may work if you are bank giving value and appreciation to longstanding customers. Bars, restaurants and alcohol brands tend to brand on hats, caps, and t-shirts, while athletic companies or events might promote their brand on microfibre towels or bags. But don’t forget about items such as lanyards and keychains that can be a cost effective way to brand, but be just as effective.

Mitchell’s Cap Co. have manufactured event merchandise over the past 25 years for surf competitions, music festivals, triathlons, and conferences for a wide variety of clients. We can help your business create an identity and message on a variety of items that your target market will be sure to connect with.

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