It’s the word on the wholesale street: bucket hats are back! You probably recall the likes of the early rappers wearing them, LL Cool J and Run D.M.C. But it wasn’t only the rhythm masters that were rocking the bucket, a bit closer to home, you may even remember your Dad knocking about one, that old terry towelling that he mowed the lawns in? Set to be a street fashion essential this season, who would have thought; your Dad is now cool!

Traditionally worn by farmers and fisherman, the bucket hat re-emerged in various forms such as the iconic terry towelling, becoming popular in the 70’s and 80’s. The 90’s brought a new wave of trendsetters; rappers and hip hop artists who brought back the bucket hat and flaunted them with effortless cool.

Today, there are bucket loads of custom design options for your wholesale bucket hats that will allow you to stamp your mark on the style and rock a mean bucket.

While traditional heavier fabrics such as canvas are great for the outdoors you do not have to be a fisherman to appreciate this style. With full lining to keep the sun out, it is a solid hat for BBQ’s, beers and being outside. For those that are more conscious of fierce summer rays, there are wider brimmed buckets that will allow you to shine, while keeping the sun out.

Washed denim and faux leather bucket hats embody the essence of street fashion, a sassy look that can be embraced by both genders. Distressed brim bindings complete the grungy street look. Camouflage print has forever been a fashion favourite, and there are plenty of camo variations in our bucket hats wholesale range or create a custom design. Bell shaped fashion bucket hats come in a range of fun summer prints, such as an all over yardage print, photographic looking sublimation print and reversible print on one side and plain on the other.

You may be familiar with square shaped textured weaves known at ripstop cotton, a popular fabric for bucket hats. Ripstop cotton comes in large or small weaves, adding a textural element to wholesale bucket hats.

Rubber badges, embroidered logos, mesh eyelets and faux leather crown bands are some of the details that can be added to set your bucket hat apart from the rest.

For the kiddies, bucket hats made from quick drying mircrofibre and adjustable chinstrap means kids can have fun in the water without getting burnt or losing their hat.

With plenty of characteristics on offer for wholesale bucket hats, why not celebrate the bucket hat in summer; it’s an iconic style that keeps on giving.

Constructive street style wholesale bucket hat with flat brim and all over yardage print with matching crown band.
Canvas wholesale bucket hat featuring mesh eyelets on both sides of the hat and rubber stamp logo.
Cloche style wholesale bucket hat with built in crown band and stitching on brim.
Rounded corners add a touch of old charm to this cloche style wholesale bucket hat.
Cloche style wholesale bucket hat with contrasting crown band adds a touch of 1920’s charm to today’s outfit.
All over yardage print with contrasting faux suede badge and stamped logo allow wholesale bucket hats to stand out from the crowd.
Camo print wholesale bucket hats are a firm fashion favourite for street and sport.
Khaki canvas wholesale bucket hat with cotton lining, perfect for keeping the sun out while enjoying the outdoors.
Cute bell shaped wholesale bucket hat featuring summery looking floral yardage print, metal eyelets and faux leather crown band with embroidered logo.
Safari style wholesale bucket hat features distressed brim binding, embroidered logo and animal print brim.
Bright summery canvas wholesale bucket hat with embroidered logo and adjustable chin strap for kids.
Kids wholesale bucket hats also come in quick drying micro fibre, and have adjustable chin straps so they stay on during the fun. Wide brimmed buckets give maximum protection from summer rays
Wholesale bucket hats come in fun feminine colours and sit snug against the head.
Kids wholesale bucket hats come in bright summer colours and have adjustable chin straps. Made from ripstop cotton fabric.