Trends, tactics and techniques to cap off your Summer promo

To be ubiquitous in the business of promotional manufactured hats, caps and other merchandise you must augment your brand’s visual identity. Branding is the most important marketing consideration when expanding a label range, but navigating endless design options can be a real minefield for brand managers and business owners alike.

To cut through a crowded marketplace, you’ll need to design your unique identity with custom creations that speak volumes about your brand. And these topper designs should reflect the timeless tunes of trendsetters in order to make their mark in the landscape of the masses. A great design will determine the difference between a standard promotional prop and an accessory that gets your brand noticed, and potentially street-snapped atop the digital fashion influencers of today.

So let us guide you through the various trends, tactics and techniques involved in personalising your promotional goods in perfect timing for the Summer sun.

Batter Up To Boost Your Brand!

Here’s why your business needs to get behind these branded baseball caps.

Image source: Highsnobiety

Hit a home run this season with fitted and baseball caps that offer an easy way to advertise on the altar of celebrity athletic finery. What better way to boost your brand that with a sensibility that’s culturally pervasive among all walks of life, amongst the artless average joes and those dressed-to-kill socialites?!

Hatching a plan to generate word-of-mouth promotion and become a universal brand involves a logo design that hits the nail on the head, as well as the right application and fabric treatment. With your trusty baseball cap, you’ve endless options in terms of material, colour and style, so choose wisely for your brand’s aesthetic.

But don’t make the mistake of purchasing ready-made stock straight off the shelf. Not only is off-the-shelf stock expensive, but it can also be limiting in terms of branding techniques. So, personalise your baseball cap sensibly by customising each and every detail at wholesale price. Think felt appliques and patches, 3D embroidery and woven tags.

Take Aim At Those Corporate Goals

Ensure everybody is sporting your name this season with these popular promotional visors.

Image source: Lorna Jane

Long has the visor served to be associated with practically than it has with aesthetics, but an era of athleisure has spawned yet another must-have addition to your Summer wardrobe. Fashion forward brands are pioneering this topper by steering clear of what was once a look only tourists and tennis players could sport.

And with the upsurge of social-media-circulated sporting and athletic events, 2018 is the year to capitalise on the trends of the young and physically activeEmbroidery and foil prints are the forerunners in custom logo designs for visors, with their marginal surface area best kept a minimalist canvas of brand awareness. Remember, simplicity is an unwritten rule in forging something emblematic about a logo.

Techniques To Keep On Truckin’

Pioneer blue-collar branding with the promotional trucker trend picking up speed this Summer

Image source: Urban Outfitters

There are few accessories the fashion elite love to hate more than the classic trucker hat; but take heart, there are many reasons as to why this working-class embodiment of suburbia is every wholesaler’s dream. Long has the coveted trucker trend served as a promotional giveaway opportunity for even the most unlikely brands.

Custom embroidered, embossed or printed trucker hats are a great tool to use in promotional marketing for your business. With their comfortable foam padding and airy mesh back, these hats serves as the ultimate bang for your buck as far as merchandise goes. But as with any great accessory, not all styles are created equal, and one should steer clear of any applications or logo designs that fail to offer a juxtaposition of imagery. Now folks, there’s nothing ironic about an out-of-date design upon a historically roughneck hat; ain’t that the truth!

Let’s establish brand loyalty for your business

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