Corporate Beanies – Corporate Attire

Corporate fashion has rolled over a new leaf; wearing a t-shirt underneath a suit jacket or a suit jacket with jeans, wearing a beanie in the boardroom is now just as acceptable and fashionable. Corporate attire is no longer deemed a suit and tie; it is becoming more flexible, practical and comfortable. Dressing for warmth is key to surviving the winter in colder climates, we wear jackets and scarves with our suits, so why not a beanie to complete the look?

Corporate attire is not just restricted to suits, but encompasses a range of industries and corporate uniforms. Think trade or council workers whom spend their winter working days out in the cold, a beanie is perfect for wearing under hard hats.

Corporate beanies also make a great promotional gift. The traditional corporate cap is now upstaged by a stylish beanie, a modern twist on an otherwise standard promotional offering.

Promotional Beanies – Business Merchandise

Promotional beanies or a beanie for corporate business attire no longer need to be a simple stock beanie with a printed logo. Your business merchandise can be custom designed to match your, corporate identity, corporate colours, and brand message. A customised beanie that is in-line with your branding is a cost effective option to remove the not so fashionable stock promo gear from your events, business or corporate environment. Your promotional beanies could potentially be just as impressive as a surf brand custom design – just saying.

There are so many techniques that can really set your branding apart, gone are the days of a simple stitch embroidered logo but, still use this technique if it matches your brand message. It is original and perceived as quality like an Apple logo on a Genius shirt. However, if it doesn’t match your brand message there are now a lot more options. Have your logo or branding implemented via a number of techniques: embossed, leather badge, embossed with fabric, rubber print, jacquard print, reflective stitching, fabric tag, metal tag and of course embroidered. Mix a few up for an original look.

Promotional Beanies and Business Merchandise with High Visibility

If safety workwear is a factor or if safety is part of your brand message, and you need to consider high visibility within the design of your beanies, a custom design can implement bright colours and/or reflective stitching. If you are in need of high visibility safety workwear made from bright coloured fabrics, no need to supply an uncool stock beanie, why not personalise your beanies with one of the above branding techniques? Add an embossed logo on a highlight beanie for a cool depth and shadow effect. Mix it up with a badge spelling out one of the letters like the O in the Volcom branding.

Your brand message might work best with a grey or black beanie but you’re concerned about safety and need a high visibility component to your custom beanie. Simply add a reflective stitch to your design. It’s possible to maintain corporate attire while incorporating a safety element.

Embossed print with metal badge, the badge adds an aspect of quality to your business merchandise or promotional beanies.
If your business merchandise or promotional beanies need more of a corporate look select a plain colour such as a black or grey and emboss your company logo to give it a quality and unique look.
High visibility beanies are growing in popularity with companies, as they add another safety element to their uniforms with a highlight colour fabric all custom design to match your business.
If your business merchandise or brand message doesn?t work with a highlight fabric for a more discreet high visibility approach you can add a reflective stitch. As you can see above the reflective stitch blends in with the beanie and below when light it applied it generates a reflective area.
A brand message might suit a beanie by simply adding a fabric badge. Keeping your promotional beanie in-line with current fashion trends could really increase the demand and ware of your promo gear.
Promotional beanies or business merchandise with rubber print is another great technique.
Jacquard printed beanies can give your business or your next business event the sporty look. If your business is sponsoring a sports event a jacquard print is a creative way to incorporate your brand or logo.