If you thought the 5 panel cap was about to boom wait until you see 6 panel caps hit the streets. With the addition of an extra panel in the front, the 6 panel cap is characteristically similar to the 5 pane, with loads of options for customisation – it’s a guaranteed fashion staple this season.

Fabrics can be custom designed with an all over print known as a yardage print. The fabric is made with the design and is a great way to create a unique looking fashion forward cap. Fabric is like prime real estate; it can be used as an opportunity to get your logo or brand to be noticed on your 6 panel caps. Logos can be made into a feature by being incorporated into a yardage print.

Logos also take centre stage on the front of the 6 panel cap via a range of appliques. Leather embossed badges create stylish appeal, while printed logos add a fun element and can be further enhanced with press-stud detailing. Printed and woven patches are favoured logo appliques while contrast and scope can be achieved with a 3D embroidered keyline.

Fabric options are also plentiful, popular choices include classic cotton twill, cotton plaid fabrics, ottoman fabric, jersey marle and chambray denim. If a vintage look is what you are after, then the cap can be washed using various wash techniques to achieve a faded and distressed look.

As with the 5 panel cap, the 6 panel can be constructed or unconstructed, the difference being that in a constructed cap, the two front panels are supported with a stiffer fabric. Unconstructed 6 panel caps with flat peaks are becoming a hot fashion item and are already in production or in store with some of the fashionable brands. Next season keep a look out for the short brim 6 panel, short brims are becoming a big thing in caps.

Fastenings are now as diverse as fabrics, choices vary from traditional plastic snap fastening to fabric fastening in any colour, a metal buckle can be added to suit your design. As with leather patches, leather fastenings add sophistication and brass, silver or gold buckles add a contemporary finish.

Transform your design by incorporating mesh panels or perforated leather to contrast with fabric panels. Design options are endless for the 6 panel cap and cutting edge cool is easy to achieve with a little innovation and a touch of creativity.

Hitting the streets this season, the 6 panel cap is sure to impress!

Unconstructed 6 panel caps with flat peak, a fashion staple this season